Confidentiality Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and we do our best to be transparent about the information we collect from website users. Please review this policy for your peace of mind.


  • All staff are asked to acknowledge the need for confidentiality
  • All admission forms are stored in the office. These records are accessible to all staff. All information remains confidential
  • All development files are stored within individual base rooms and are discussed only with the parents
  • The needs of children referred to the nursery via an outside agency are discussed only within the nursery setting
  • If children are known to staff prior to a placement, the need for confidentiality remains
  • The nursery may be required to discuss information relating to a child with outside agencies. In the event of such a request, the parents will be consulted and the information disclosed following the parents’ consent. However, an exception will be made where there is a requirement to report concerns in relation to the welfare or safety of a child, for example in relation to child protection. Ultimately, if a child is considered to be at risk, the nurseries child protection policy will take precedence.
  • If a child is identified as a child in need, the management team will seek parental permission prior to providing the appropriate information to the relevant services


  • Individual staff files are stored in a locked cabinet in the nursery office
  • All information relating to staff is confidential
  • Staff are required to seek permission prior to accessing office computers as all data is private and confidential
  • Staff are required to refrain from entering the nursery office in the absence of the managers unless there is an emergency
  • All staff have access to their records in order to ensure all information is correct
  • To discuss any personal information in relation to a staff member is a breach of confidentiality. Permission is required
  • The whistle blowing policy will override the confidentiality policy in relation to staff confidentiality

E Safety Policy

Use of internet

Staff are able to use the internet on the nursery computer in the office providing it is for the education benefit of the children or the nursery

Staff are not permitted to use the internet for personal use unless consent is obtained from members of the management team

Email can be used by staff for work purposes from the nursery computer using the nursery email account lisa/tracey/diana/ with permission from the management team

Emailing of personal, sensitive, confidential or classified information is to be avoided.

Social Networking Policy

The Hollies Day Nursery has an excellent reputation to uphold and comments made by staff on social networking sites such as “Face book” could potentially have a negative impact on relationships between parents and nursery employees.

Therefore, Staff are requested to refrain from posting comments onto social networking sites that;
  • May have a negative impact whatsoever on the nurseries reputation
  • May offend a member of the staffing team, parent or child
  • Discloses personal or confidential information relating to the Hollies or member of staff
  • Discloses personal or confidential information relating to a parent or child
If a staff member allows a parent to access their face book page on social networking sites, this line of communication must remain professional at all times and not contain any reference to The Hollies Day Nursery.

If a member of staff is found to have used a social networking site and disclosed any of the information above, the Hollies disciplinary policy will immediately come into effect

Use of Mobile phones and Mobile devices

  • The nursery operates a “No mobile phone/Device” policy
  • On arrival at nursery, staff phones/Apple watches are placed in the staff room
  • Staff access phones/Apple watches during break times only within the staff room
  • Staff awaiting an emergency call are requested to place their phone in the office and will be notified by the Director/Manager/Deputy
  • Staff taking a mobile phone for emergency purposes on outings are not permitted to use the phone for the duration of the outing unless in the case of an emergency
  • The above policy is implemented to safeguard both staff and children within our care

Use of photographs

Photographs are used for display, promotional opportunities at times and personal development books.

Parents sign their child’s admission form to consent to photographs being taken.

To safeguard our children, all photographs are taken on nursery cameras. Photographs are stored on the nursery computer only.

Parents taking pictures

If parents take photographs during organised events and festival celebrations, we ask that they respect the privacy of other families and only publish photos or video footage of their own children on media sites.

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