Education and Learning at Hollies Nursery

The following curriculum framework indicates how the development needs of all children within The Hollies Nursery environment are met.

Babies and 1 to 2 year group
In order for us as early years practitioners to meet children’s needs and promote their welfare, the “Birth to Three Matters” framework is implemented with our children from 6 weeks to three years.

The framework focuses on how children learn, opposed to dividing early learning into distinct skills and areas. Ultimately, it identifies four areas of learning:
  • a strong child
  • a skilful communicator
  • a competent learner
  • a healthy child.
Planning commences with initial observations and recordings of each child throughout a typical day. Individual planning is carried out which matches each child’s play, learning and development. All planning sessions are evaluated and key workers and children work through one specific aspect at a time. Details of activities undertaken and relevant photographs are transferred into individual scrapbooks at the end of each month.

Whilst both the “Birth to Three Matters” framework and assessment procedures are still in their infancy, all staff are currently building a working knowledge through experience, practice and consultation.

2 to 3 group
Planning is undertaken per above. The curriculum is implemented within specific key working groups. Extensive activities are planned to add variety and extend the learning potential of each child. Topical themes and events are also undertaken as group activities. All group planning is recorded and pictorial evidence logged in individual festival books. Staff receive assistance and support from the Deputy Manager in relation to each stage of the planning process. A Welsh timetable is implemented daily.

3 to 5 group
Foundation Phase planning is currently being implemented within the 3 to 5 group and is centred on the following seven points:
  • Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity
  • Language, literacy and communication skills
  • Mathematical development
  • Welsh language development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development
Detailed planning results in a broad and balanced curriculum that encourages each child to develop at his or her own pace and make individual choices. As each theme develops, skills are identified that relate to each of the seven areas. Development of these skills rely on the range of experiences the nursery provides on a daily basis. A Welsh timetable is implemented daily.

Special Educational Needs / disabilities
The Hollies Nursery encourages the inclusion of children with SEN and disabilities provided we can effectively meet the individual needs of all children within the existing nursery building and whilst adhering to specified staffing ratios.